Itchy - definition, pronunciation, transcription

Amer.  |ˈɪtʃi|  American pronunciation of the word itchy
Brit.  |ˈɪtʃi|  British pronunciation of the word itchy


- nervous and unable to relax (syn: antsy, fidgety, fretful)
- causing an irritating cutaneous sensation; being affect with an itch

he had an itchy toe from the mosquito bite


His eyes began to burn and itch because of his allergies.

This sweater makes me itch.

I had a slight itch on my back.

Scratching only makes the itch worse.

She's always had an itch for adventure.

He has an itch to travel.

My eyes sometimes get red and itchy in the summer.

These tights are all itchy.

He's had that job now for about eight years, and he's starting to get itchy.

I've only been back home for a few months and I've already got itchy feet (=the desire to go somewhere new).

he had an itchy toe from the mosquito bite

She doesn't like wool because it can be itchy.

Symptoms include itchy, burning eyes.

...the reddish, itchy papules that are characteristic of the rash...

My eyes felt itchy and runny.

Word forms

comparative: itchier
superlative: itchiest
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