Lapsed - definition, pronunciation, transcription

Amer.  |læpst|  American pronunciation of the word lapsed
Brit.  |lapst|  British pronunciation of the word lapsed
- this word is a past tense form of the verbto lapse
- this word is a past participle form of the verbto lapse


- no longer active or practicing(syn: nonchurchgoing)

a lapsed Catholic


After a few polite words the conversation lapsed.

Her interest in politics lapsed while she was in medical school.

She didn't pay the premium and her life insurance policy lapsed.

He forgot to renew his driver's license, so it lapsed.

...after his tantrum, the toddler lapsed into an exhausted quietude and fell asleep...

I lapsed into a low chair.

They lapsed into a contented silence

After dinner, Kate lapsed into a glum silence.

The conversation lapsed.

Many years had lapsed since her first visit to Wexford.

Anton lapsed into his own tongue when he was excited.

He lapsed into the local vernacular (=language spoken in a particular area).

...the waning of ecclesial power in Europe as the number of lapsed Christians increases...

The correspondence lapsed

He lapsed his membership

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