Latest - definition, pronunciation, transcription

Amer.  |ˈleɪt̬ɪst|  American pronunciation of the word latest
Brit.  |ˈleɪtɪst|  British pronunciation of the word latest
- this word is used as a superlative form of the adjectivelate
- the most recent news or development
have you heard the latest?
- up to the immediate present; most recent or most up-to-date (syn: up- to- the- minute)
the very latest scientific discoveries
- in the current fashion or style (syn: modish)


She's interested in all the latest fashions.

He is the latest person to announce his resignation.

...that skirt is the absolute latest!...

His latest film is one of the funniest he's ever made.

Have you heard the latest news?

I try to keep up with the latest developments in computer technology.

His latest novel is his best one yet.

The company has spent millions marketing the latest version of its software.

The latest reports hold out hope for a possible end to this crisis.

He just recorded his latest album.

Their latest movie is a modern version of a classic children's story.

The car has the latest in fuel-saving technology.

Her latest book turned out to be a real dog.

...instanced the latest astronomical research in her presentation on measuring star magnitude...

Her latest purchase completes her collection.

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