Mist - definition, pronunciation, transcription

Amer.  |mɪst|  American pronunciation of the word mist
Brit.  |mɪst|  British pronunciation of the word mist


- a thin fog with condensation near the ground
- become covered with mist
The windshield misted over
- make less visible or unclear (syn: becloud, befog, cloud, fog, obscure)
- spray finely or cover with mist


We could barely see the shore through the mist.

The hills were veiled in a fine mist.

an issue clouded by mists of confusion

The plant should be misted regularly.

It was misting when we arrived.

Her eyes misted over with tears.

The windows have misted up.

It mists / it is misting.

We could just see the outline of the house through the mist.

Next morning, the whole town was shrouded in mist (=covered in mist).

The plant has to be misted every day.

The windshield misted over

We could barely make out some figures moving in the mist.

...barely able to discern the garden gate through the mist...

The horn boomed out all night to warn the ships of the dangerous mist.

Word forms

I/you/we/they: mist
he/she/it: mists
present participle: misting
past tense: misted
past participle: misted
singular: mist
plural: mists
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