Negativity - definition, pronunciation, transcription

Amer.  |ˌneɡəˈtɪvəti|  American pronunciation of the word negativity
Brit.  |ˌnɛɡəˈtɪvɪti|  British pronunciation of the word negativity


- the character of the negative electric pole
- characterized by habitual skepticism and a disagreeable tendency to deny or oppose or resist suggestions or commands (syn: negativism)
- an amount less than zero
- (chemistry) the tendency of an atom or radical to attract electrons in the formation of an ionic bond


Car exhaust has a negative effect on the environment.

the negative effects of the drug

The feedback about the new product was all negative.

“No” and “not” are negatives.

Can I have the negatives to make copies of the photos?

...although the rebuttal was very eloquent, the jury negatived it in favor of the prosecution's argument...

...we promptly negatived the idea of having pizza again for dinner, noting that we had already had it for three nights that week...

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