Neighbourhood - definition, pronunciation, transcription

Amer.  |ˈneɪbərhʊd|  American pronunciation of the word neighbourhood
Brit.  |ˈneɪbəhʊd|  British pronunciation of the word neighbourhood


- a surrounding or nearby region (syn: locality, neighborhood, vicinity)
- people living near one another (syn: neighborhood)

Extra examples

She grew up in a quiet neighborhood of Boston.

The hotel is situated in a peaceful residential neighbourhood (=area where there are houses rather than factories or shops).

Bill boasts of owning the biggest car in the neighbourhood.

Various other little notabilities of the neighbourhood.

They would be under the absolute sway of the most sulphurous preacher of the neighbourhood.

This neighbourhood has really gone down in the last few years.

He's leafleting the neighbourhood.

The new park has given everyone in the neighbourhood a lift.

Be quiet! You'll wake up the whole neighbourhood!

If you know the neighbourhood, you have an understanding of what the children are like.

We were unfamiliar with the neighbourhood.

Word forms

singular: neighbourhood
plural: neighbourhoods
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