Owe - definition, pronunciation, transcription

Amer.  |əʊ|  American pronunciation of the word owe
Brit.  |əʊ|  British pronunciation of the word owe


- be obliged to pay or repay
- be indebted to, in an abstract or intellectual sense
This new theory owes much to Einstein's Relativity Theory
- be in debt
She owes me $200
I still owe for the car
The thesis owes much to his adviser

Extra examples

We owe no income tax.

I owe the bank a lot of money.

Additional payments are owed on the mortgage.

I still owe on the car.

I owe you a drink.

I owe you my thanks.

She still owes me for all the times I've helped her out.

The company owes its success to its excellent training programme.

He owed his wealth to his father.

We owe this idea to Greek philosophy.

I owe my brother $50.

I still owe you for the taxi.

How much do I owe you (=often used to show that you want to pay for something)?

He asked for help from a colleague who owed him a favour.

I owe Shaun a letter; I must write soon.

Word forms

I/you/we/they: owe
he/she/it: owes
present participle: owing
past tense: owed
past participle: owed
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