Prune - definition, pronunciation, transcription

Amer.  |pruːn|  American pronunciation of the word prune
Brit.  |pruːn|  British pronunciation of the word prune


- dried plum


- cultivate, tend, and cut back the growth of (syn: clip, crop, cut back, dress, lop, snip, trim)
- weed out unwanted or unnecessary things (syn: cut, rationalize)


She carefully pruned the hedge.

Those trees need to be pruned every year.

The students were asked to prune their essays.

The budget needs to be pruned.

If you prune the dead wood away, the tree has a better chance of growth.

Your letter would be better if you pruned away some of those unnecessary adjectives.

The roses need pruning.

The company is pruning staff in order to reduce costs.

The original version of the text has been pruned quite a bit.

Is there any way we can prune the costs down still further?

It's important to prune the bush every year to encourage new growth.

One of the instructors gave a demonstration of how to prune a tree.

She used the nippers to prune the bush.

he used a bill to prune branches off of the tree

Word forms

I/you/we/they: prune
he/she/it: prunes
present participle: pruning
past tense: pruned
past participle: pruned
singular: prune
plural: prunes
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