Purport - definition, pronunciation, transcription

Amer.  |pərˈpɔːrt|  American pronunciation of the word purport
Brit.  |pəˈpɔːt|  British pronunciation of the word purport


- the intended meaning of a communication (syn: intent, spirit)
- the pervading meaning or tenor (syn: drift)


- have the often specious appearance of being, intending, or claiming
The letter purports to express people's opinion
- propose or intend (syn: aim, propose, purpose)

Extra examples

The letter was not read aloud, but all present were informed of its purport.

...do you purport to spend the rest of your life on that couch, or do you think you might get a job someday?...

...he purports to be an expert in criminalistics...

I tried to give the general purport of what was actually said.

I've read a book that purports to be an objective analysis.

Two undercover officers purporting to be dealers infiltrated the gang.

The document is purported to be 300 years old.

The letter purports to express people's opinion

Word forms

I/you/we/they: purport
he/she/it: purports
present participle: purporting
past tense: purported
past participle: purported
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