Riches - definition, pronunciation, transcription

Amer.  |ˈrɪtʃɪz|  American pronunciation of the word riches
Brit.  |ˈrɪtʃɪz|  British pronunciation of the word riches


- an abundance of material possessions and resources (syn: wealth)


...industrialists who had amassed riches of a magnitude that few had dreamed possible...

The attraction of riches is very strong.

He was enjoying his new-found riches.

the story of her rise from rags to riches (=from being poor to being rich)

...don't let greed for riches control you...

...not from earthly riches but from the milk of human kindness comes true beatitude...

...don't let their promises of immense riches bedazzle you...

Freedom is to be prized above riches.

He likes to tell people of his rise from rags to riches.

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