Rising - definition, pronunciation, transcription

Amer.  |ˈraɪzɪŋ|  American pronunciation of the word rising
Brit.  |ˈrʌɪzɪŋ|  British pronunciation of the word rising
- this word is used as a present participle form of the verb 'to be'to rise


- a movement upward (syn: ascension, ascent, rise)
- organized opposition to authority; a conflict in which one faction tries to wrest control from another (syn: insurrection, rebellion, revolt, uprising)


- sloping upward (syn: acclivitous, uphill)
- coming to maturity(syn: emerging)
- newly come into prominence


He was the leader of an armed rising against the elected government.

...a great rising of the people was all it took to bring down a regime that imagined that it would endure for a thousand years...

Francesca was a rising star in the cinema.

What is the stock market doing now: rising or falling?

The number of deaths from cancer is rising.

Smoke was rising into the air.

A tower rising above the little town

People are angry about rising gasoline prices.

The rising cost of electricity provides a strong incentive to conserve energy.

mountains rising sheer from the plains

Rising prices parallel increasing fuel costs.

People are rightly upset about the city's rising crime rate.

Quite rightly, the police commissioner is being blamed for the city's rising crime rate.

The death rate from accidents is rising.

...a rising drumfire of criticism for the president's latest nominee for the U.S. Supreme Court...

Word forms

singular: rising
plural: risings
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