Rooms - definition, pronunciation, transcription

Amer.  |ˈruːmz|  American pronunciation of the word rooms
Brit.  |ruːmz|  British pronunciation of the word rooms
- this word is used as a present tense form (he/she/it) of the verbto room
- this word is used as a plural form of the nounroom


- apartment consisting of a series of connected rooms used as a living unit (as in a hotel) (syn: suite)


He rents rooms to college students.

The house has four rooms and a central chimney.

The ancient building was dated by a coin found in one of the rooms.

The boys have separate rooms.

All of the rooms afford views of the lake.

The rooms were filled with wonderful works of art.

A hallway connects the two rooms.

There are five downstairs rooms.

If they start pushing each other or some such nonsense, send them to their rooms.

A light breeze filled the rooms of our seaside cottage with ozone.

...the old family manor has 117 rooms...

...the hospital's operating rooms boast the very latest medical apparatus...

The hotel offers comfortable rooms at moderate prices.

The large concavities along the wall of the restaurant are like private rooms.

Visitors were dazzled by the mansion's ornate rooms.

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