Roper - definition, transcription

Amer.  |ˈropər|
Brit.  |ˈropə|


- a decoy who lures customers into a gambling establishment (especially one with a fixed game)
- a cowboy who uses a lasso to rope cattle or horses
- a craftsman who makes ropes (syn: rope-maker, ropemaker)


Tie the end of the rope to the post.

She made a knot in the rope.

We used rope to tie down the furniture in the trailer.

The hostages were tied up with rope.

The veteran cop showed the rookie the ropes.

It will take a few weeks for new employees to learn the ropes.

The dog was roped to the fence.

The boats were roped together at the dock.

Mountain climbers often rope themselves together for safety.

He tried to rope the calf.

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