Run down - definition, transcription

Amer.  |ˈrən ˈdaʊn|
Brit.  |rʌn daʊn|


- trace (syn: check out)
- move downward
- injure or kill by knocking (someone or something) down and passing over the body, as with a vehicle (syn: run over)
- use up all one's strength and energy and stop working (syn: conk out, run out)
- examine hastily (syn: rake, scan, skim)
- deplete (syn: exhaust, play out, sap, tire)
- pursue until captured


The poor boy has been run down by a bus.

At last I ran down the article that I had been looking for.

I think the clock must have run down.

The coal industry is running down.

She's always running down her son's wife.

The land belonging to the castle runs down to the sea.

In spite of my holiday in the sun, I've been run down recently.

...finally ran down the answer after hours of research...

...constantly running down the city's cultural life won't do anything to improve it...

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