Snap - definition, pronunciation, transcription

Amer.  |snæp|  American pronunciation of the word snap
Brit.  |snæp|  British pronunciation of the word snap


- the act of catching an object with the hands(syn: catch, grab, snatch)
- a spell of cold weather
- tender green beans without strings that easily snap into sections
- a crisp round cookie flavored with ginger (syn: gingersnap)
- the noise produced by the rapid movement of a finger from the tip to the base of the thumb on the same hand
- a sudden sharp noise(syn: crack, cracking)
- a sudden breaking

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- utter in an angry, sharp, or abrupt tone(syn: snarl)
- separate or cause to separate abruptly(syn: bust, rupture, tear)
- break suddenly and abruptly, as under tension(syn: crack)
- move or strike with a noise(syn: click)
- close with a snapping motion
- make a sharp sound(syn: crack)
- move with a snapping sound

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The branch snapped and fell to the ground.

The earpiece of his glasses snapped off.

She snapped the twig in two.

The boy snapped the wing off his toy airplane.

The bent tree snapped back into an upright position.

I snapped the lid shut.

She snapped the pieces together.

She snapped her handbag shut.

I've trained the dog to come to me with a snap of my fingers.

The snap of the bracelet broke.

...a snap course that even an idiot could pass...

He shut the book with a snap and stood up.

I could obtain with the snap of my fingers anything I chose.

We had a bit of a snap with one another.

She felt the effects of the snap of winter last week.

Phrasal verbs

snap off  — break a piece from a whole
snap up  — get hold of or seize quickly and easily

Word forms

I/you/we/they: snap
he/she/it: snaps
present participle: snapping
past tense: snapped
past participle: snapped
singular: snap
plural: snaps
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