Snowstorm - definition, pronunciation, transcription

Amer.  |ˈsnoʊstɔːrm|  American pronunciation of the word snowstorm
Brit.  |ˈsnəʊstɔːm|  British pronunciation of the word snowstorm


- a storm with widespread snowfall accompanied by strong winds (syn: blizzard)


...I don't think we should chance driving in this snowstorm....

The students were dismissed early because of the snowstorm.

The city salted the roads after the snowstorm.

Cars were slipping and sliding all over the roads during the snowstorm.

...the cessation of the snowstorm was a relief...

...under the coverture of a raging snowstorm, the rebels undertook their surprise attack on the fortress... a stroke, the March snowstorm obliterated our hopes for an early spring...

We were hit by a terrific snowstorm last week. unseasonable snowstorm in early November...

The vast blur of a north-northeast snowstorm.

Last night's severe snowstorm cut off three villages.

The Derby has been run in a snowstorm.

The football game had to be scrubbed out because of the snowstorm.

The climbers had to shelter from the snowstorm in a mountain hut.

The severe snowstorm has slowed the traffic down.

Word forms

singular: snowstorm
plural: snowstorms
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