Stupidity - definition, pronunciation, transcription

Amer.  |stuːˈpɪdətɪ|  American pronunciation of the word stupidity
Brit.  |stʃʊˈpɪdɪtɪ|  British pronunciation of the word stupidity


- a poor ability to understand or to profit from experience
- a stupid mistake (syn: folly, foolishness, imbecility)

Extra examples

I was shocked by the stupidity of their decision.

...the stupidity of the dialogue between the two romantic leads had movie audiences giggling uncontrollably...

It was sheer stupidity that he decided to drop out of school.

It was sheer stupidity to believe him.

...the stone stupidity of the senator's statements embarrassed even her staffers...

He damned them for their stupidity.

His cursed stupidity got him in trouble again.

It's more than a mistake; it's a case of monumental stupidity.

...simple stupidity is not enough to doom one to perdition...

He stood on the street corner, haranguing passers-by about the stupidity of the forthcoming war.

A moment's reflection will show the stupidity of this argument.

Word forms

singular: stupidity
plural: stupidities
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