Telescope - definition, pronunciation, transcription

Amer.  |ˈtelɪskoʊp|  American pronunciation of the word telescope
Brit.  |ˈtɛlɪskəʊp|  British pronunciation of the word telescope


- a magnifier of images of distant objects (syn: scope)


- crush together or collapse
- make smaller or shorter


The rings of Saturn can be seen through a telescope.

...for dramatic purposes, the film telescopes the years over which the events occurred into a few short months...

Details on the moon's surface can only be seen through a telescope.

The whole legal process was telescoped into a few weeks.

The front of the car telescoped when it hit the wall.

How are you going to telescope all those articles into one short book?

In the accident, the cars telescoped

my hiking sticks telescope and can be put into the backpack

the novel was telescoped into a short play

She aimed the telescope at a point in the eastern sky.

Observations made using the telescope have led to new theories.

The star is not visible to an observer without a telescope.

The telescope makes the craters on the surface of the moon incredibly clear.

With the telescope we can see details of the planet's surface that are ordinarily invisible.

The telescope can detect light emitted by distant galaxies.

Word forms

I/you/we/they: telescope
he/she/it: telescopes
present participle: telescoping
past tense: telescoped
past participle: telescoped
singular: telescope
plural: telescopes
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