Throw away - definition, transcription

Amer.  |ˈθrəʊ əˈweɪ|
Brit.  |ˈθrəʊ əˈweɪ|


- throw or cast away (syn: cast away, cast out, chuck out, discard, dispose, fling, put away, throw out, toss)
- get rid of (syn: cast, cast off, drop, shake off, shed, throw, throw off)

Extra examples

...had to throw away the bloodstained washcloth after a particularly bad nosebleed...

Throw away clothes you don't wear - be ruthless.

She couldn't bear to throw away anything that might come in useful one day.

I throw away all mail addressed to 'resident'

...for the party I want chintzy plates that we can throw away afterward...

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