Thrust - definition, pronunciation, transcription

Amer.  |θrʌst|  American pronunciation of the word thrust
Brit.  |θrʌst|  British pronunciation of the word thrust
irregular verb:  p.t. — thrust  p.p. — thrust
- the force used in pushing (syn: push)
- a strong blow with a knife or other sharp pointed instrument (syn: stab)
- the act of applying force to propel something (syn: drive)
- verbal criticism
- a sharp hand gesture (resembling a blow) (syn: jab, poke, thrusting)
- push forcefully
- press or force (syn: shove, squeeze, stuff)
- make a thrusting forward movement (syn: hurl, hurtle, lunge)
- impose urgently, importunately, or inexorably (syn: force)
- penetrate or cut through with a sharp instrument (syn: pierce)
- force (molten rock) into pre-existing rock
- push upward
- place or put with great energy (syn: throw)


He thrust his hands into his pockets.

He thrust his fist into the air.

The doctor thrust the needle into the patient's arm.

He thrust at me with his sword.

With one last thrust he broke through the barrier.

a single thrust of his sword

With a shout of victory, he thrust his sword into his enemy's body.

He thrust at his opponent with his sword.

Jane thrust her plate away in a bad temper, refusing to eat.

She ran to him for a kiss, but he thrust her away.

He thrust his hand in his pocket to find a half-crown.

He was thrust into the job.

I don't want such things thrust on me.

She thrust a letter into my hand.

He thrust me roughly towards the door.

Phrasal verbs

thrust out  — push to thrust outward

Word forms

I/you/we/they: thrust
he/she/it: thrusts
present participle: thrusting
past tense: thrust
past participle: thrust
singular: thrust
plural: thrusts
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