Turns - definition, pronunciation, transcription

Amer.  |ˈtɜːnz|  American pronunciation of the word turns
Brit.  |tɜːnz|  British pronunciation of the word turns
- this word is used as a present tense form (he/she/it) of the verbto turn
- this word is used as a plural form of the nounturn

Extra examples

She comes home, turns on the TV, and starts opening her mail.

His face turns red when he gets angry.

...the computer sharp that the rest of the staff turns to whenever their PCs act up...

It turns out that the company's report of record profits last year was due to some creative accounting.

The coastal road had many twists and turns.

...a program of tough training and discipline that turns untried civilians into warriors...

...off camera the actor is high-spiritedly coltish, but turns serious once the camera starts rolling...

...there were eight shooters taking turns at the same target in the final competition...

...that sweet little girl turns into a real crosspatch when she's hungry...

...the framing of the debate will consist of a predetermined order of turns and follow-up comments...

...fans are inevitably disappointed when the nimbus of glamour about their favorite celebrity turns out to be an illusion...

...it turns out that the guy who claimed to work for a modeling agency was just a pretender...

As the gear revolves, it turns the other gears.

As the gear rotates, it turns the other gears.

The wheel squeaks when it turns.

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