Bring in - traducción, transcripción

Amer.  |ˈbrɪŋ ɪn|
Brit.  |brɪŋ ɪn|


- traer una nueva persona u objeto a un entorno familiarEd (syn: introduce)
- ganar en alguna transacción comercial o empresarial; Ed (syn: clear, earn, gain, make, pull in, realize, take in)
- venderse por un precio determinadoEd (syn: bring, fetch)
- someter (un veredicto) a un tribunalEd
- transmitirEd

Matrix of words


- traerbring, bring in, get, carry, bring along, wear
- introducirintroduce, insert, bring in, get into, bring on, get in
- atraerattract, draw, lure, appeal, entice, bring in
- entrarenter, get in, come in, go in, access, bring in
- presentarpresent, submit, introduce, show, display, bring in
- recogercollect, pick, pick up, gather, harvest, bring in
- producirproduce, yield, result in, generate, bring about, develop
- hacerdo, make, ask, be, cause, bring in
- hacer entrarbring in, usher, send in, call in, put in, get in
- dejarleave, let, stop, make, allow, quit
- hacer pasarpass off, usher, bring in, get through, put through, get across
- servirserve, help, do, serve up, wait, bring in
- pronunciarpronounce, utter, deliver, give, preach, bring in
- llevar a la comisaríabring in
- rendir ayield, do, throw in, bring in
- detener enapprehend, knock off, bring in, intercept
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