Come off - traducción, transcripción

Amer.  |ˈkəm ˈɒf|
Brit.  |kʌm ɒf|


- venir a ser desapegadoEd (syn: come away, detach)
- suceder de una manera particularEd (syn: go off, go over)
- romper (una pieza de un todo)Ed (syn: break away, break off, chip)

Matrix of words


- salirleave, get out, go out, go, come out, come off
- desprendersecome off, break off, break away, become detached, fall off, fall out
- desprenderse deget rid of, come off, slough, come adrift
- soltarseloosen, come off, come away, leak, work off
- caersefall, drop, fall down, fall over, topple, come off
- quitarremove, take away, take off, pull off, take out, come off
- abandonarleave, abandon, give up, drop, quit, drop out
- quedarstay, remain, keep, rest, stick around, come up
- pasarpass, go, happen, move, get, go by
- tener lugartake place, happen, come about, come off, transpire
- ocurriroccur, happen, take place, pass, come about, come off
- lograrachieve, accomplish, get, attain, reach, obtain
- vendersesell, go, sell oneself, go for, come off, give oneself away
- dar resultadoscome off, act
- marcharseleave, go, go away, depart, quit, go off
- tener éxitosucceed, be successful, win, take, make the grade, come off
- legarbequeath, leave, will, legate, devise
- irse a otro lugargo away, come off
- marcharmarch, go, walk, move, go away, travel
- ir hasta el fingo the whole hog, come off, slip
- viajartravel, go, ride, drive, journey, tour
- dejar ircome off
- andarwalk, go, go around, go about, hang around, carry
- dejar olvidadocome off
- tener sitiocome off
- partirdepart, go, split, break, start off, divide
- olvidarforget, neglect, leave, get over, omit, come off
- verificarseprove, aver, come off, happen
- resultarresult, prove
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