English dictionary


tycoon |taɪˈkuːn| — a very wealthy or powerful businessman

tying |ˈtaɪɪŋ| — the act of tying or binding things together

tyke |taɪk| — a native of Yorkshire

tympani  — a large hemispherical brass or copper percussion instrument with a drumhead that can be tuned by adjusting the tension on it

tympanic |timˈpanik| — resembling a drum

tympanites |ˌtɪmpəˈnʌɪtiːz| — distension of the abdomen that is caused by the accumulation of gas in the intestines or the peritoneal cavity

tympanitis |ˌtɪmpəˈnaɪtɪs| — inflammation of the inner ear

tympanum |ˈtɪmpənəm| — the main cavity of the ear; between the eardrum and the inner ear

type |taɪp| — a subdivision of a particular kind of thing

typescript |ˈtaɪpskrɪpt| — typewritten matter especially a typewritten copy of a manuscript

typesetter |ˈtaɪpsetər| — one who sets written material into type

typewrite |ˈtaɪpˌraɪt| — write by means of a keyboard with types

typewriter |ˈtaɪpraɪtər| — hand-operated character printer for printing written messages one character at a time

typewriting |ˈtaɪˌpraɪtɪŋ| — writing done with a typewriter

typhoid |ˈtaɪfɔɪd| — serious infection marked by intestinal inflammation and ulceration; caused by Salmonella typhosa ingested with food or water

typhoon |taɪˈfuːn| — a tropical cyclone occurring in the western Pacific or Indian oceans

typhus |ˈtaɪfəs| — rickettsial disease transmitted by body lice and characterized by skin rash and high fever

typical |ˈtɪpɪkl| — of a feature that helps to distinguish a person or thing

typically |ˈtɪpɪkli| — in a typical manner

typify |ˈtɪpɪfaɪ| — embody the essential characteristics of or be a typical example of

typing |ˈtaɪpɪŋ| — writing done with a typewriter

typist |ˈtaɪpɪst| — someone paid to operate a typewriter

typo |ˈtaɪpoʊ| — a mistake in printed matter resulting from mechanical failures of some kind

typographer |taɪˈpɒɡrəfər| — one who sets written material into type

typographic |ˌtaɪpəˈɡræfɪk| — relating to or occurring or used in typography

typographical |ˌtaɪpəˈɡræfɪkəl| — relating to or occurring or used in typography

typography |taɪˈpɑːɡrəfi| — the craft of composing type and printing from it

typology |taɪˈpɑːlədʒi| — classification according to general type

tyrannical |tɪˈrænɪkl| — marked by unjust severity or arbitrary behavior

tyrannicide |tɪˈrænɪsaɪd| — killing a tyrant

tyrannize |ˈtɪrənaɪz| — rule a country as a tyrant

tyrannous |ˈtɪrənəs| — marked by unjust severity or arbitrary behavior

tyranny |ˈtɪrəni| — a form of government in which the ruler is an absolute dictator (not restricted by a constitution or laws or opposition etc.)

tyrant |ˈtaɪrənt| — a cruel and oppressive dictator

tyre |ˈtaɪər| — a port in southern Lebanon on the Mediterranean Sea; formerly a major Phoenician seaport famous for silks

tyro |ˈtaɪroʊ| — someone new to a field or activity

Tyrolean |tɪˈroʊliːən| — a native or inhabitant of the Tyrol