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ulama  — the body of Mullahs (Muslim scholars trained in Islam and Islamic law) who are the interpreters of Islam's sciences and doctrines and laws and the chief guarantors of continuity in the spiritual and intellectual history of the Islamic community

ulcer |ˈʌlsər| — a circumscribed inflammatory and often suppurating lesion on the skin or an internal mucous surface resulting in necrosis of tissue

ulcerate |ˈʌlsəreɪt| — undergo ulceration

ulcerated |ˈʌlsəreɪtɪd| — having an ulcer or canker

ulceration |ˌʌlsəˈreɪʃən| — a circumscribed inflammatory and often suppurating lesion on the skin or an internal mucous surface resulting in necrosis of tissue

ulcerous |ˈəls(ə)rəs| — having an ulcer or canker

uliginose |juːˈlɪdʒəˌnəʊs| — Marshy or muddy.

uliginous |juːˈlɪdʒənəs| — Slimy.

ullage |ˈəlɪj| — the amount that a container (as a wine bottle or tank) lacks of being full

ulmus |ˈəlməs| — type genus of family Ulmaceae; deciduous trees having simple serrate leaves; widely distributed in temperate regions

ulna |ˈʌlnə| — the inner and longer of the two bones of the human forearm

ulnae |ˈʌlniː| — plural form of ulna

ulster |ˈəlstər| — a historic division of Ireland located in the northeastern part of the island; six of Ulster's nine counties are in Northern Ireland

ulterior |ʌlˈtɪrɪər| — lying beyond what is openly revealed or avowed (especially being kept in the background or deliberately concealed)

ultima |ˈəltəmə| — the last syllable in a word

ultimate |ˈʌltɪmət| — the finest or most superior quality of its kind

ultimately |ˈʌltɪmətlɪ| — as the end result of a succession or process

ultimatum |ˌʌltɪˈmeɪtəm| — a final peremptory demand

ultimo |ˈʌltɪməʊ| — in or of the month preceding the present one

ultimogeniture |ˌʌltɪməʊˈdʒenɪtʃə| — A system of inheritance in which the youngest son or youngest child inherits an estate.

ultra |ˈʌltrə| — (used of opinions and actions) far beyond the norm

ultrafashionable  — Extremely fashionable.

ultramarine |ˌʌltrəməˈriːn| — blue pigment made of powdered lapis lazuli

ultramodern |ˌəltrəˈmɑːdərn| — extremely modern

ultramontane |ˌʌltrəmɒnˈteɪn| — a Roman Catholic who advocates ultramontanism (supreme papal authority in matters of faith and discipline)

ultramundane |ˌʌltrəˈmʌndeɪn| — extraordinary; abnormal

ultrashort |ˌʌltrəˈʃɔːrt| — Very short.

ultrasonic |ˌʌltrəˈsɑːnɪk| — having frequencies above those of audible sound

ultrasonography |ˌʌltrəsəˈnɒɡrəfɪ| — using the reflections of high-frequency sound waves to construct an image of a body organ (a sonogram); commonly used to observe fetal growth or study bodily organs

ultrasound |ˈʌltrəsaʊnd| — very high frequency sound; used in ultrasonography

ultraviolet |ˌʌltrəˈvaɪələt| — radiation lying in the ultraviolet range; wave lengths shorter than light but longer than X rays

ululate |ˈʌljʊleɪt| — emit long loud cries

ululation |ˌjuːljʊˈleɪʃən| — a long loud emotional utterance

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