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xebec |ˈzebək| — A small, three-masted Mediterranean transport ship

xenial |ˈziːnɪəl| — Hospitable, especially to visiting strangers or foreigners.

xenogamy |zeˈnɑːɡəmiː| — (botany) The transfer of pollen from the anthers of one plant to the stigma of another; cross-pollination.

xenomania |ˌzenəʊˈmeɪnjə| — A strong preference for foreign customs, manners, or institutions; the gaining of pleasure from meeting strangers or visiting foreign countries.

xenon |ˈzenɑːn| — a colorless odorless inert gaseous element occurring in the earth's atmosphere in trace amounts

xenophobia |ˌzenəˈfəʊbɪə| — a fear of foreigners or strangers

xenophobic |ˌzenəˈfəʊbɪk| — suffering from xenophobia; having abnormal fear or hatred of the strange or foreign

Xerox |ˈzɪrɑːks| — a copy made by a xerographic copier

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