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yucca |ˈjʌkə| — any of several evergreen plants of the genus Yucca having usually tall stout stems and a terminal cluster of white flowers; warmer regions of North America

yuck |jʌk| — Uttered to indicate disgust usually toward an objectionable taste or odour.

yucky |ˈjʌkɪ| — highly offensive; arousing aversion or disgust

Yugoslav |ˈjuːɡəʊslɑːv| — a native or inhabitant of Yugoslavia

Yugoslavian |ˌjuːɡəʊˈslɑːvɪən| — a native or inhabitant of Yugoslavia

yule |juːl| — period extending from Dec. 24 to Jan. 6

yule-log |ˈjuːl lɔːɡ| — a large log traditionally burned on Christmas Eve

yummy |ˈjʌmɪ| — extremely pleasing to the sense of taste

yup |ˈjəp| — (informal) A yes; an affirmative answer.

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