Effectiveness - definition, pronunciation, transcription

Amer.  |ɪˌfekˈtɪvɪti|  American pronunciation of the word effectiveness
Brit.  |ɪˈfɛktɪvnəs|  British pronunciation of the word effectiveness


- power to be effective; the quality of being able to bring about an effect
- capacity to produce strong physiological or chemical effects (syn: potency, strength)


The company has been making extravagant claims about the drug's effectiveness.

...continued infighting has just completely robbed that political action committee of its effectiveness...

The company is running advertisements touting the drug's effectiveness.

Evaluation of teacher effectiveness is often vague and impressionistic.

It can be difficult to evaluate the effectiveness of different treatments.

Doctors say it is too early to measure the effectiveness of the drug.

The key to the army's effectiveness is its increased mobility.

They diluted the drug, thus reducing its effectiveness.

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