Last - definition, pronunciation, transcription

Amer.  |læst|  American pronunciation of the word last
Brit.  |lɑːst|  British pronunciation of the word last


- the temporal end; the concluding time (syn: close, conclusion, finale, finis, finish)
- the last or lowest in an ordering or series
he was the last to leave
he finished an inglorious last
- a person's dying act; the final thing a person can do
he breathed his last
- the time at which life ends; continuing until dead (syn: death)
a struggle to the last
- a unit of weight equal to 4,000 pounds
- a unit of capacity for grain equal to 80 bushels
- the final stage or concluding parts of an event or occurrence (syn: end)
I had to miss the last of the movie
- holding device shaped like a human foot that is used to fashion or repair shoes


- persist for a specified period of time (syn: endure)
The bad weather lasted for three days
- continue to live and avoid dying (syn: endure, go, hold out, hold up, live, live on, survive)
how long can a person last without food and water?


- immediately past
last Thursday
the last chapter we read
- occurring at or forming an end or termination (syn: concluding, final, terminal)
the last days of the dinosaurs
- most unlikely or unsuitable
the last person we would have suspected
the last man they would have chosen for the job
- occurring at the time of death
his last words
the last rites
- conclusive in a process or progression (syn: final, net)
a last resort
- highest in extent or degree (syn: utmost)
to the last measure of human endurance
whether they were accomplices in the last degree or a lesser one be determined individually
- not to be altered or undone (syn: final)
the arbiter will have the last say
- lowest in rank or importance
last prize
in last place


- most recently
I saw him last in London
- the item at the end (syn: finally, lastly)
last, I'll discuss family values

Extra examples

He spoke last at the meeting.

My horse was last in the race.

She was first to arrive at the party and last to leave.

I last saw him in the supermarket.

They last went to the beach in June.

This word was last used in the 17th century.

He was the last one out of the building.

She succeeded on her last attempt.

These are the last two books in the series.

We are going to the beach for the last week of the summer.

The last cookie in the jar

She said she wouldn't marry him if he was the last man on earth.

He was tragically killed during the last days of the war.

I haven't seen her recently. The last time we met was at a party.

She was the last to finish.

Word forms

I/you/we/they: last
he/she/it: lasts
present participle: lasting
past tense: lasted
past participle: lasted
singular: last
plural: lasts
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