Close - definition, pronunciation, transcription

Amer.  |kləʊz|  American pronunciation of the word close
Brit.  |kləʊz|  British pronunciation of the word close


- the temporal end; the concluding time (syn: conclusion, finale, finis, finish, last)
they were playing better at the close of the season
- the last section of a communication (syn: closing, conclusion, end, ending)
- the concluding part of any performance (syn: finale, finis)


- move so that an opening or passage is obstructed; make shut (syn: shut)
- become closed (syn: shut)
The windows closed with a loud bang
- cease to operate or cause to cease operating (syn: close down, close up, fold, shut down)
The owners decided to move and to close the factory
My business closes every night at 8 P.M.
close up the shop
- finish or terminate (meetings, speeches, etc.)
The meeting was closed with a charge by the chairman of the board
- come to a close (syn: conclude)
The concert closed with a nocturne by Chopin
- complete a business deal, negotiation, or an agreement
We closed on the house on Friday
They closed the deal on the building
- be priced or listed when trading stops
The stock market closed high this Friday
My new stocks closed at $59 last night
- engage at close quarters
close with the enemy
- cause a window or an application to disappear on a computer desktop
- change one's body stance so that the forward shoulder and foot are closer to the intended point of impact
- come together, as if in an embrace (syn: come together)
Her arms closed around her long lost relative
- draw near
The probe closed with the space station
- bring together all the elements or parts of
Management closed ranks
- bar access to
Due to the accident, the road had to be closed for several hours
- fill or stop up (syn: fill up)
Can you close the cracks with caulking?
- unite or bring into contact or bring together the edges of (syn: close up)
close the circuit
close a wound
close a book
close up an umbrella
- finish a game in baseball by protecting a lead
The relief pitcher closed with two runs in the second inning


- rigorously attentive; strict and thorough
close supervision
paid close attention
a close study
kept a close watch on expenditures
- marked by fidelity to an original (syn: faithful)
a close translation
- (of a contest or contestants) evenly matched (syn: tight)
a close contest
a close election
- crowded (syn: confining)
close quarters
- lacking fresh air (syn: airless, stuffy)
the dreadfully close atmosphere
- of textiles (syn: tight)
a close weave
- strictly confined or guarded
kept under close custody
- confined to specific persons
a close secret
- fitting closely but comfortably (syn: close-fitting, snug)
a close fit
- used of hair or haircuts
a close military haircut
- giving or spending with reluctance (syn: cheeseparing, near, penny-pinching, skinny)
very close (or near) with his money
- inclined to secrecy or reticence about divulging information (syn: secretive)
although they knew her whereabouts her friends kept close about it


- near in time or place or relationship (syn: near, nigh)
the bullet didn't come close
don't get too close to the fire
- in an attentive manner (syn: closely, tight)
he remained close on his guard

Extra examples

We had better close the windows; it looks like it's going to rain.

I forgot to close the gate.

She was having trouble closing the drawer.

Close the lid on the box tightly.

The door opened and closed so quietly that I didn't notice he had come in the room.

The box's lid closed with a bang.

Remember to close the box of cereal when you're done.

Please close your books and put them under your desks.

Close your eyes and go to sleep.

I closed my fists and got ready to fight.

We're not there yet, but we're getting close.

We stood close together to stay warm.

Christmas is getting closer and will soon be here.

Their daughters are close in age.

Close in size and shape

Phrasal verbs

close down  — cease to operate or cause to cease operating
close in  — advance or converge on
close up  — cease to operate or cause to cease operating

Word forms

I/you/we/they: close
he/she/it: closes
present participle: closing
past tense: closed
past participle: closed
comparative: closer
superlative: closest
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