Manage - definition, pronunciation, transcription

Amer.  |ˈmænɪdʒ|  American pronunciation of the word manage
Brit.  |ˈmanɪdʒ|  British pronunciation of the word manage
- be successful; achieve a goal (syn: bring off, carry off, pull off)
- be in charge of, act on, or dispose of (syn: care, deal, handle)
- succeed in doing, achieving, or producing (something) with the limited or inadequate means available (syn: contend, cope, deal, get by, grapple, make out)
- watch and direct (syn: oversee, superintend, supervise)
- achieve something by means of trickery or devious methods (syn: finagle, wangle)
- carry on or function (syn: do)
- handle effectively (syn: handle, wield)


The business is managed by the owner's daughter.

The company is badly managed.

When she managed the department, we never missed a deadline.

He manages his own finances.

An agency that manages entertainers

He is skillful in managing horses.

There's enough food if we manage it well.

We need to do a better job of managing our natural resources.

She can't manage her child.

He managed his resources carefully.

He managed to escape from prison.

He was asked to manage a new department.

Managing a football team is harder than you think.

The company had been very badly managed.

I finally managed to push the huge animal away.

Word forms

I/you/we/they: manage
he/she/it: manages
present participle: managing
past tense: managed
past participle: managed
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