Practice - definition, pronunciation, transcription

Amer.  |ˈpræktɪs|  American pronunciation of the word practice
Brit.  |ˈpræktɪs|  British pronunciation of the word practice


- a customary way of operation or behavior (syn: pattern)
it is their practice to give annual raises
- systematic training by multiple repetitions (syn: drill, exercise, recitation)
practice makes perfect
- translating an idea into action (syn: praxis)
a hard theory to put into practice
- the exercise of a profession
the practice of the law
I took over his practice when he retired
- knowledge of how something is usually done
it is not the local practice to wear shorts to dinner


- carry out or practice; as of jobs and professions (syn: do, exercise, practise)
practice law
- learn by repetition (syn: drill, exercise, practise)
Pianists practice scales
- engage in a rehearsal (of) (syn: practise, rehearse)
- avail oneself to (syn: apply, use)
practice a religion
practice non-violent resistance
- engage in or perform (syn: commit)
practice safe sex

Extra examples

To be a good musician, you have to practice a lot.

Have you been practicing your lines for the play?

She had to practice flying in various weather conditions before she could get her pilot's license.

Grandmother taught us to practice good manners.

Practice what you preach—don't smoke if you tell your children not to smoke.

Being a good musician takes a lot of practice.

I'm sure you'll learn your lines for the play with enough practice.

They'll get better with practice.

I'm late for trumpet practice.

The marching band has practice every Wednesday afternoon.

The team's practices usually last two hours.

She has made a practice of volunteering at a homeless shelter one weekend a month.

The country's poor sanitation practices have led to widespread disease.

Burial practices vary around the world.

It is common practice among my friends to not use capital letters in e-mail.

Word forms

singular: practice
plural: practices
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