Share - definition, pronunciation, transcription

Amer.  |ʃer|  American pronunciation of the word share
Brit.  |ʃeə|  British pronunciation of the word share


- assets belonging to or due to or contributed by an individual person or group (syn: part, percentage, portion)
he wanted his share in cash
- any of the equal portions into which the capital stock of a corporation is divided and ownership of which is evidenced by a stock certificate
he bought 100 shares of IBM at the market price
- the allotment of some amount by dividing something (syn: parcel, portion)
death gets more than its share of attention from theologians
- the effort contributed by a person in bringing about a result (syn: contribution, part)
they all did their share of the work
- a sharp steel wedge that cuts loose the top layer of soil (syn: ploughshare, plowshare)


- have in common
Our children share a love of music
The two countries share a long border
- use jointly or in common
- have, give, or receive a share of (syn: partake)
We shared the cake
- give out as one's portion or share (syn: apportion, deal, portion out)
- communicate
I'd like to share this idea with you

Extra examples

They shared the last cookie.

We shared the money equally.

The children need to learn to share their toys.

All of us had a share in making the decision.

She has had her fair share of tragedies in her life.

Bill and I shared an office for years.

Newspapers help us to share in the events of the outside world.

I share your opinion.

All your neighbours share in your sorrow at the loss of your son.

We don't have enough books so you'll have to share.

The three of us shared a taxi.

I have an office that I share with some other teachers.

As a kid he'd never share his toys.

Will you share your fries with me?

They shared the cake between them.

Word forms

I/you/we/they: share
he/she/it: shares
present participle: sharing
past tense: shared
past participle: shared
singular: share
plural: shares
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