Trade - definition, pronunciation, transcription

Amer.  |treɪd|  American pronunciation of the word trade
Brit.  |treɪd|  British pronunciation of the word trade


- the commercial exchange (buying and selling on domestic or international markets) of goods and services
Venice was an important center of trade with the East
they are accused of conspiring to constrain trade
- the skilled practice of a practical occupation (syn: craft)
he learned his trade as an apprentice
- the business given to a commercial establishment by its customers (syn: patronage)
- a particular instance of buying or selling (syn: deal)
I had no further trade with him
- people who perform a particular kind of skilled work (syn: craft)
as they say in the trade
- steady winds blowing from east to west above and below the equator
they rode the trade winds going west
- an equal exchange (syn: barter, swap, swop)


- engage in the trade of (syn: merchandise)
- turn in as payment or part payment for a purchase (syn: trade in)
trade in an old car for a new one
- be traded at a certain price or under certain conditions
The stock traded around $20 a share
- exchange or give (something) in exchange for (syn: swap, switch, swop)
- do business; offer for sale as for one's livelihood (syn: deal, sell)

Extra examples

The trade between the two countries

Trade accounts for half of our gross national product.

The Tigers made a few good trades this season and picked up some promising players.

If you don't like your seat, I'll trade with you.

I traded seats with her halfway through the show.

He was traded to the Yankees.

They traded him to the Broncos.

I traded my pen for a pencil and kept writing.

Their firm specializes in trading bonds.

She mostly trades in stocks.

They've completely ruined the tourist trade for the next few years.

He learnt his trade as a diver in the North Sea.

His father was in trade.

He sells only to the trade.

I am willing to make a trade with you.

Phrasal verbs

trade in  — turn in as payment or part payment for a purchase

Word forms

I/you/we/they: trade
he/she/it: trades
present participle: trading
past tense: traded
past participle: traded
singular: trade
plural: trades
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