Yoke - definition, pronunciation, transcription

Amer.  |jəʊk|  American pronunciation of the word yoke
Brit.  |jəʊk|  British pronunciation of the word yoke


- fabric comprising a fitted part at the top of a garment
- an oppressive power
under the yoke of a tyrant
they threw off the yoke of domination
- two items of the same kind (syn: brace, couple, couplet, distich, duet, duo, dyad, pair, span, twain, twosome)
- a pair of draft animals joined by a yoke
pulled by a yoke of oxen
- support consisting of a wooden frame across the shoulders that enables a person to carry buckets hanging from each end
- a connection (like a clamp or vise) between two things so they move together (syn: coupling)
- stable gear that joins two draft animals at the neck so they can work together as a team


- become joined or linked together
- link with or as with a yoke (syn: link)
yoke the oxen together
- put a yoke on or join with a yoke

Extra examples

...a people able at last to throw off the yoke and to embrace freedom...

The two oxen were yoked together.

...yoked several ideas together to come up with a new theory...

Four fresh horses were yoked.

Beauty is forever yoked to youth in our culture.

The whole kingdom, a small corner excepted, was subjected to the Turkish yoke.

In 1845, they finally threw off the yoke of foreign rule.

Word forms

I/you/we/they: yoke
he/she/it: yokes
present participle: yoking
past tense: yoked
past participle: yoked
singular: yoke
plural: yokes
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