Imitative - परिभाषा (अनुवाद), उच्चारण, प्रतिलिपि

Amer.  |ˈɪmɪteɪtɪv|  American pronunciation of the word imitative
Brit.  |ˈɪmɪtətɪv|  British pronunciation of the word imitative


- नकल करने के लिए दिया या दिया हुआEd
acting is an imitative art
man is an imitative being
- (शब्दों का) एक प्राकृतिक ध्वनि की नकल में गठितEd (syn: echoic, onomatopoeic, onomatopoeical)
onomatopoeic words are imitative of noises
- नकली; Ed (syn: counterfeit)

Matrix of words

- अनुकरणशीलimitative, sequacious
- नकलीFake, imitation, mock, sham, dummy, imitative
- अनुकरणात्मकimitative, emulative


- नक़लीimitative, pinchbeck, spurious, counterfeit, simulated, seeming
- कृत्रिमartificial, synthetic, synthetical, mock, false, imitative
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