Professed - परिभाषा (अनुवाद), उच्चारण, प्रतिलिपि

Amer.  |prəˈfest|  American pronunciation of the word professed
Brit.  |prəˈfest|  British pronunciation of the word professed
- this word is a past tense form of the verbto profess
- this word is a past participle form of the verbto profess


- योग्य होने के लिएEd
a professed philosopher
- धोखा देने के इरादे से दावा किया गयाEd
his professed intentions
- खुले तौर पर इस तरह की घोषणा कीEd (syn: avowed)
her professed love of everything about that country
McKinley was assassinated by a professed anarchist

Matrix of words


- पेशेवरprofessional, professed, occupational, vocational
- ज़ाहिरobvious, manifest, undoubted, demonstrable, indubitable, professed
- प्रकटmanifest, revealed, apparent, visible, evident, professed
- वृत्तिकprofessional, occupational, professed
- झूठाfalse, fabled, seeming, professed, phoney, slippery
- प्रकाशितpublished, lighted, released, revealed, illumined, professed
- स्पष्टclear, apparent, pronounced, straightforward, glaring, professed
- ख़यालीdelusive, insubstantial, visional, professed, seeming, supposed
- ख्यातreputed, notable, professed
- आत्‍मस्‍वीकृ‍तprofessed
- आत्‍म-विज्ञापितprofessed
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