New - traducción, pronunciación, transcripción

Amer.  |nuː|  American pronunciation of the word new
Brit.  |njuː|  British pronunciation of the word new


- original y de un tipo nunca antes vistoEd (syn: fresh, novel)
- sin entrenamiento o experienciaEd (syn: raw)
the new men were eager to fight
- sin ningún ejemplo o precedente previo o paraleloEd (syn: unexampled)
- distintos de los anteriores; Ed
they now have a new leaders
my new car is four years old but has only 15,000 miles on it
Ready to take a new direction.
- en uso después de la época medievalEd
- utilizado de una lengua viva; Ed (syn: modern)
- (de cultivos) recolectados en una etapa temprana de desarrollo; Ed (syn: young)
new potatoes
- (seguido a menudo de "to") desconocidoEd
new experiences
experiences new to him
errors of someone new to the job


- Muy recientementeEd (syn: fresh, freshly, newly)
they are newly married
newly raised objections
a newly arranged hairdo
grass new washed by the rain

Matrix of words


- nuevonew, fresh, novel, further, renewed, recent
- recienterecent, new, fresh
- renovadorenovated, renewed, new-look, new
- otroother, another, another one
- novatonew, green, raw
- frescofresh, cool, crisp, new, sweet, sassy
- entranteincoming, inbound, next, new, ingoing
- tiernotender, gentle, kind, affectionate, kindly, early
- distintodifferent, distinct, separate, dissimilar, diverse, varied
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