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dwale |dweɪl| — belladonna itself, deadly nightshade; or some other soporific plant

dwang  — (Scotland, New Zealand) A horizontal timber (steel) section used in the construction of a building.

dwarf |dwɔːrf| — a person who is markedly small

dwarfish |ˈdwɔːrfɪʃ| — atypically small

dwell |dwel| — think moodily or anxiously about something

dweller |ˈdwelər| — a person who inhabits a particular place

dwelling |ˈdwelɪŋ| — housing that someone is living in

dwelling-place |ˈdwelɪŋpleɪs| — A place where one dwells.

dwelt |ˈdwelt| — Simple past tense and past participle of dwell.

dwindle |ˈdwɪndl| — become smaller or lose substance

dwindling |ˈdwɪndəlɪŋ| — a becoming gradually less

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