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eider |ˈaɪdər| — duck of the northern hemisphere much valued for the fine soft down of the females

eiderdown |ˈaɪdərdaʊn| — a soft quilt usually filled with the down of the eider

eidolon |aɪˈdəʊlɒn| — An image or representation of an idea; a representation of an ideal form; an apparition of some actual or imaginary entity, or of some aspect of reality.

eigenvalue |ˈaɪɡənˌvaljuː| — (mathematics) any number such that a given square matrix minus that number times the identity matrix has a zero determinant

eight |eɪt| — the cardinal number that is the sum of seven and one

eighteen |ˌeɪˈtiːn| — the cardinal number that is the sum of seventeen and one

eighteenth |ˌeɪˈtiːnθ| — position 18 in a countable series of things

eightfold |ˈeɪtfəʊld| — having eight units or components

eighth |eɪtθ| — position eight in a countable series of things

eighties |ˈeɪtɪz| — the decade from 1880 to 1889

eightieth |ˈeɪtɪəθ| — position 80 in a countable series of things

eighty |ˈeɪtɪ| — the cardinal number that is the product of ten and eight

eighty-five  — being five more than eighty

eighty-six  — being six more than eighty

einsteinium |aɪnˈstaɪnɪəm| — a radioactive transuranic element produced by bombarding plutonium with neutrons

eirenicon |aɪˈriːnɪkɑːn| — A proposal to resolve disputes and reconcile differences in order to advance peace, strengthen or establish unity, or foster solidarity, usually in a modus vivendi.

eisteddfod |aɪˈsteðvɑːd| — any of several annual Welsh festivals involving artistic competitions (especially in singing)

either |ˈiːðər| — after a negative statement used as an intensive meaning something like `likewise' or `also'

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