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niacin |ˈnaɪəsɪn| — a B vitamin essential for the normal function of the nervous system and the gastrointestinal tract

Niagara |naˈjæɡrə| — waterfall in Canada is the Horseshoe Falls; in the United States it is the American Falls

nib |nɪb| — the writing point of a pen

nibble |ˈnɪbl| — a small byte

niblick |ˈnɪblɪk| — an iron with considerable loft

nibs |nɪbz| — plural form of nib

Nicaraguan |ˌnɪkəˈrɑːɡwən| — a native or inhabitant of Nicaragua

nice |naɪs| — a city in southeastern France on the Mediterranean; the leading resort on the French Riviera

nice-looking |ˈnaɪsˈlʊkɪŋ| — Pleasing to the eye; attractive.

nicely |ˈnaɪslɪ| — in a nice way

niceties |ˈnaɪsətɪz| — plural form of nicety

nicety |ˈnaɪsətɪ| — conformity with some esthetic standard of correctness or propriety

niche |niːʃ| — a position particularly well suited to the person who occupies it

nick |nɪk| — an impression in a surface (as made by a blow)

nick-nack |ˈnɪknæk| — Alternative spelling of knick-knack.

nickel |ˈnɪkl| — a hard malleable ductile silvery metallic element that is resistant to corrosion; used in alloys; occurs in pentlandite and smaltite and garnierite and millerite

nickelodeon |ˌnɪkəˈlɒdɪən| — a cabinet containing an automatic record player; records are played by inserting a coin

nicker |ˈnɪkər| — the characteristic sounds made by a horse

nickname |ˈnɪkneɪm| — a familiar name for a person (often a shortened version of a person's given name)

nicotian |nɪˈkəʊʃən| — (dated) Relating to, or derived from, tobacco.

nicotiana |ˌnɪkɒtɪˈɑːnə| — American and Asiatic aromatic herbs and shrubs with viscid foliage

nicotine |ˈnɪkətiːn| — an alkaloid poison that occurs in tobacco; used in medicine and as an insecticide

nicotinism |ˈnɪkətiːˌnɪzəm| — nicotine poisoning (especially as a result of tobacco use)

nictate |ˈnɪkteɪt| — briefly shut the eyes

nictation |nɪkˈteɪʃən| — a reflex that closes and opens the eyes rapidly

nictitate |ˈnɪktɪteɪt| — briefly shut the eyes

nictitating  — winking, blinking

nictitation |ˌnɪktɪˈteɪʃən| — a reflex that closes and opens the eyes rapidly

nidi |ˈnaɪdaɪ| — plural form of nidus

nidificate |ˈnɪdəfəˌkeɪt| — (intransitive) To make or build a nest.

nidify |ˈnɪdəˌfaɪ| — (zoology) To make a nest.

nidus |ˈnaɪdəs| — a central point or locus of an infection in an organism

niece |niːs| — a daughter of your brother or sister

niello |niːˈeləʊ| — Any of various black metal alloys, made of sulphur with copper, silver or lead, used to create decorative designs on other metals.

niff |nɪf| — an unpleasant smell

nifty |ˈnɪftɪ| — very good

Nigerian |naɪˈdʒɪrɪən| — a native or inhabitant of Nigeria

niggard |ˈnɪɡərd| — a selfish person who is unwilling to give or spend

niggardly |ˈnɪɡərdlɪ| — petty or reluctant in giving or spending

niggle |ˈnɪɡl| — worry unnecessarily or excessively

niggling |ˈnɪɡəlɪŋ| — (informal) small and of little importance

nigh |naɪ| — being on the left side

night |naɪt| — the time after sunset and before sunrise while it is dark outside

night-bird |ˈnaɪt bɜːd| — a type of bird associated with the night

night-blindness |ˈnaɪtˌblaɪndnɪs| — The optic condition nyctalopia, the inability to see clearly in faint light, as at night

night-club |ˈnaɪtˌklʌb| — Alternative form of nightclub.

night-glass |ˈnaɪtɡlɑːs| — Alternative spelling of night glass.

night-hawk |ˈnaɪthɔːk| — Alternative spelling of nighthawk.

night-light |ˈnaɪt laɪt| — light (as a candle or small bulb) that burns in a bedroom at night (as for children or invalids)

night-line |ˈnaɪt laɪn| — a fishing line with baited hooks left in the water to catch fish over night

night-robe |ˈnaɪtrəʊb| — lingerie consisting of a loose dress designed to be worn in bed by women

night-school |ˈnaɪtskuːl| — A school, typically used for the purpose of continuing education with classes held predominately in the evening to accommodate students with typical day shift work schedules.

night-shift |ˈnaɪtʃɪft| — A regularly scheduled period of work, during evening or night hours, especially 4 PM to midnight or midnight to 8 AM.

night-soil |ˈnaɪt sɔɪl| — (archaic, euphemistic) Human faeces.

night-time |ˈnaɪt aɪm| — Alternative spelling of nighttime.

night-watch |ˈnaɪt wɒtʃ| — a watch kept on some premises, or on a town, by guards during the night

night-watchman |naɪt ˈwɒtʃmən| — A person who guards (usually at a building) at night.

nightcap |ˈnaɪtkæp| — an alcoholic drink taken at bedtime; often alcoholic

nightclothes |ˈnaɪtkləʊðz| — garments designed to be worn in bed

nightclub |ˈnaɪtklʌb| — a spot that is open late at night and that provides entertainment (as singers or dancers) as well as dancing and food and drink

nightdress |ˈnaɪtdres| — lingerie consisting of a loose dress designed to be worn in bed by women

nightfall |ˈnaɪtfɔːl| — the time of day immediately following sunset

nightgown |ˈnaɪtɡaʊn| — lingerie consisting of a loose dress designed to be worn in bed by women

nighthawk |ˈnaɪtˌhɒk| — a person who likes to be active late at night

nightie |ˈnaɪtɪ| — lingerie consisting of a loose dress designed to be worn in bed by women

nightingale |ˈnaɪtɪŋɡeɪl| — European songbird noted for its melodious nocturnal song

nightjar |ˈnaɪtdʒɑːr| — mainly crepuscular or nocturnal nonpasserine birds with mottled greyish-brown plumage and large eyes; feed on insects

nightlife |ˈnaɪtlaɪf| — the entertainment available to people seeking nighttime diversion

nightlight |ˈnɑɪtˌlɑɪt| — a small, dim light or lamp left on overnight

nightlong |ˈnaɪtlɒŋ| — lasting, open, or operating through the whole night

nightly |ˈnaɪtlɪ| — at the end of each day

nightman |ˈnaɪtmæn| — (historical) One whose business is emptying privies by night.

nightmare |ˈnaɪtmer| — a situation resembling a terrifying dream

nightmarish |ˈnaɪtmerɪʃ| — extremely alarming

nightrider  — member of a secret mounted band in United States South after the American Civil War; committed acts of intimidation and revenge

nightrobe  — A robe to be worn at night; a nightgown.

nights |nɑɪts| — At night.

nightshade |ˈnaɪˌtʃed| — any of numerous shrubs or herbs or vines of the genus Solanum; most are poisonous though many bear edible fruit

nightshirt |ˈnaɪtʃɜːrt| — nightclothes worn by men

nightspot |ˈnaɪtspɑːt| — a spot that is open late at night and that provides entertainment (as singers or dancers) as well as dancing and food and drink

nightstick |ˈnaɪtstɪk| — a short stout club used primarily by policemen

nighttime |ˈnɑɪtˌtɑɪm| — the time after sunset and before sunrise while it is dark outside

nightwalker  — terrestrial worm that burrows into and helps aerate soil; often surfaces when the ground is cool or wet; used as bait by anglers

nightwear |ˈnaɪtwer| — garments designed to be worn in bed

nighty |ˈnaɪtiː| — Alternative spelling of nightie.

nigrescence |naɪˈɡresəns| — The process of becoming black or dark; blackening.

nigritude |ˈnɪɡrɪˌtuːd| — blackness; the state of being black

nihilism |ˈnaɪɪlɪzəm| — a revolutionary doctrine that advocates destruction of the social system for its own sake

nihilist |ˈnaɪɪlɪst| — someone who rejects all theories of morality or religious belief

nihilistic |ˌnaɪɪˈlɪstɪk| — of or relating to nihilism

nihility |naɪˈhɪlɪtɪ| — the state of nonexistence

nil |nɪl| — a quantity of no importance

nilgai |ˈnɪlɡaɪ| — large Indian antelope; male is blue-grey with white markings; female is brownish with no horns

Nilotic |naɪˈlɒtɪk| — a group of languages of East Africa belonging to the Chari-Nile group

nimbi |ˈnɪmbaɪ| — (rare) plural form of nimbus

nimble |ˈnɪmbl| — moving quickly and lightly

nimbleness |ˈnɪmbəlnɪs| — intelligence as revealed by quickness and alertness of mind

nimbly |ˈnɪmblɪ| — in a nimble or agile manner; with quickness and lightness and ease

nimbus |ˈnɪmbəs| — a dark grey cloud bearing rain

niminy-piminy |ˌnɪmɪnɪ ˈpɪmɪnɪ| — affectedly dainty or refined

nincompoop |ˈnɪŋkəmpuːp| — a stupid foolish person

nine |naɪn| — the cardinal number that is the sum of eight and one

nine-killer |ˈkɪlər| — (zoology) The northern butcher bird.

ninefold |ˈnaɪnfəʊld| — by a factor of nine

ninepins |ˈnaɪnpɪnz| — a bowling game that is played by rolling a bowling ball down a bowling alley at a target of nine wooden pins

nineteen |ˌnaɪnˈtiːn| — the cardinal number that is the sum of eighteen and one

nineteenth |ˌnaɪnˈtiːnθ| — position 19 in a countable series of things

nineties |ˈnɑɪntɪz| — the decade from 1890 to 1899

ninetieth |ˈnɑɪntɪəθ| — position 90 in a countable series of things

ninety |ˈnaɪntɪ| — the cardinal number that is the product of ten and nine

ninety-five  — being five more than ninety

ninny |ˈnɪnɪ| — a stupid foolish person

ninth |naɪnθ| — position nine in a countable series of things

ninthly |ˈnaɪnθlɪ| — In the ninth place; ninth in a row.

niobium |naɪˈəʊbɪəm| — a soft grey ductile metallic element used in alloys; occurs in niobite; formerly called columbium

nip |nɪp| — a small drink of liquor

nip off |ˈnɪp ˈɒf| — sever or remove by pinching or snipping

nipper |ˈnɪpər| — a young person of either sex

nippers |ˈnɪpəz| — plural form of nipper

nipping |ˈnɪpɪŋ| — capable of wounding

nipple |ˈnɪpl| — the small projection of a mammary gland

nipplewort |ˈnɪpəlˌwɜːrt| — A flowering plant, Lapsana communis, that yields a milky juice.

Nipponese |ˌnɪpəˈniːz| — a native or inhabitant of Japan

nippy |ˈnɪpɪ| — a sharp biting taste

nirvana |nɪrˈvɑːnə| — (Hinduism and Buddhism) the beatitude that transcends the cycle of reincarnation; characterized by the extinction of desire and suffering and individual consciousness

Nisei |ˌnɪˈseɪ| — a person born in the United States of parents who emigrated from Japan

nisi |ˈnaɪsaɪ| — not final or absolute

nit |nɪt| — a luminance unit equal to 1 candle per square meter measured perpendicular to the rays from the source

nit-picking |ˈnɪtˌpɪkɪŋ| — The painstaking process of removing nits (lice eggs) from someone's hair.

niter  — (KNO3) used especially as a fertilizer and explosive

nitid |ˈnɪtɪd| — bright with a steady but subdued shining

niton |ˈnaɪtɒn| — (obsolete) radon

nitrate |ˈnaɪtreɪt| — any compound containing the nitrate group (such as a salt or ester of nitric acid)

nitration |naɪˈtreɪʃən| — (chemistry) The reaction of something with nitric acid; especially such a reaction, in the presence of sulphuric acid, to introduce a nitro functional group into a compound.

nitre |ˈnaɪtər| — (KNO3) used especially as a fertilizer and explosive

nitric |ˈnaɪtrɪk| — of or containing nitrogen

nitrification |naɪtrəfəˈkeɪʃən| — the chemical process in which a nitro group is added to an organic compound (or substituted for another group in an organic compound)

nitrify |ˈnaɪtrɪfaɪ| — convert into nitric acid, nitrous acid, or nitrate, especially with the action of nitrobacteria

nitrite |ˈnaɪtraɪt| — the radical -NO2 or any compound containing it (such as a salt or ester of nitrous acid)

nitrogen |ˈnaɪtrədʒən| — a common nonmetallic element that is normally a colorless odorless tasteless inert diatomic gas; constitutes 78 percent of the atmosphere by volume; a constituent of all living tissues

nitrogenous |naɪˈtrɑːdʒənəs| — of or relating to or containing nitrogen

nitroglycerin |ˌnaɪtrəʊˈɡlɪsəriːn| — a heavy yellow poisonous oily explosive liquid obtained by nitrating glycerol; used in making explosives and medically as a vasodilator (trade names Nitrospan and Nitrostat)

nitroglycerine |ˌnaɪtrəʊˈɡlɪsərən| — a heavy yellow poisonous oily explosive liquid obtained by nitrating glycerol; used in making explosives and medically as a vasodilator (trade names Nitrospan and Nitrostat)

nitrometer |naɪˈtrɑːmɪtər| — (chemistry) An apparatus for determining the amount of nitrogen or some of its compounds in a substance.

nitrous |ˈnɪtrəs| — of or containing nitrogen

nitty |ˈnɪtɪ| — Full of nits.

nitwit |ˈnɪtwɪt| — a stupid incompetent person

nitwitted |ˌnɪtˈwɪtɪd| — (of especially persons) lacking sense or understanding or judgment

nival |ˈnaɪvəl| — (obsolete) Abounding with snow; snowy.

niveous |ˈnɪvɪəs| — Snowy; resembling snow.

nix |nɪks| — a quantity of no importance

nixie |ˈnɪksɪ| — A female water-elf.

Nizam |naɪˈzæm| — (historical) A native sovereign of Hyderabad, India.

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