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nuance |ˈnuːɑːns| — a subtle difference in meaning or opinion or attitude

nub |nʌb| — a small lump or protuberance

nubbin |ˈnəbən| — a small nub (especially an undeveloped fruit or ear of corn)

nubble |ˈnʌbəl| — a small lump or protuberance

nubbly |ˈnʌbliː| — of textiles; having a rough surface

nubia |ˈnjuːbjə| — an ancient region of northeastern Africa (southern Egypt and northern Sudan) on the Nile; much of Nubia is now under Lake Nasser

Nubian |ˈnjuːbɪən| — a native or inhabitant of Nubia

nubile |ˈnuːbaɪl| — of girls or women who are eligible to marry

nubility |njuːˈbɪlɪtɪ| — The property or state of being nubile

nuchal |ˈnjuːkl| — The back of the neck

nuciferous |njuːˈsɪfərəs| — Bearing or producing nuts.

nuclear |ˈnuːklɪər| — constituting or like a nucleus

nuclear-free |ˌnjuːklɪəˈfriː| — Free of nuclear weapons and/or nuclear power stations, said especially of an area that has been declared to be such.

nuclearization |ˌnjuːklɪəraɪˈzeɪʃən| — An act of arming with nuclear weapons.

nucleate |ˈnuːkliːɪt| — form into a nucleus

nuclei |ˈnuːklɪˌaɪ| — plural form of nucleus

nucleon |ˈnjuːklɪɒn| — a constituent (proton or neutron) of an atomic nucleus

nucleonics |ˌnəklɪˈɑːnɪks| — the branch of physics that studies the internal structure of atomic nuclei

nucleotide |ˈnuːklɪəˌtaɪd| — a phosphoric ester of a nucleoside; the basic structural unit of nucleic acids (DNA or RNA)

nucleus |ˈnuːklɪəs| — a part of the cell containing DNA and RNA and responsible for growth and reproduction

nucule |ˈnjuːkjuːl| — (rare) A section of a compound fruit; a nutlet; a small nut.

nude |nuːd| — a painting of a naked human figure

nudes |ˈnuːdz| — plural form of nude

nudge |nʌdʒ| — a slight push or shake

nudity |ˈnuːdətɪ| — the state of being without clothing or covering of any kind

nugatory |ˈnuːɡətɔːrɪ| — of no real value

nugget |ˈnʌɡɪt| — a solid lump of a precious metal (especially gold) as found in the earth

nuisance |ˈnuːsns| — (law) a broad legal concept including anything that disturbs the reasonable use of your property or endangers life and health or is offensive

null |nʌl| — a quantity of no importance

nullah |ˈnʌlə| — a ravine or gully in southern Asia

nullification |ˌnʌləfəˈkeɪʃən| — the states'-rights doctrine that a state can refuse to recognize or to enforce a federal law passed by the United States Congress

nullify |ˈnʌlɪfaɪ| — declare invalid

nullity |ˈnʌlətɪ| — the state of nonexistence

numb |nʌm| — make numb or insensitive

number |ˈnʌmbər| — the property possessed by a sum or total or indefinite quantity of units or individuals

number-one |ˈˌnəmbər ˈwən| — (idiomatic) First; foremost; best.

numbered |ˈnʌmbəd| — simple past tense and past participle of number

numberless |ˈnʌmbərləs| — too numerous to be counted

numbfish |ˈnʌmˌfɪʃ| — any sluggish bottom-dwelling ray of the order Torpediniformes having a rounded body and electric organs on each side of the head capable of emitting strong electric discharges

numbness |ˈnʌmnəs| — partial or total lack of sensation in a part of the body; a symptom of nerve damage or dysfunction

numbskull |ˈnʌmskʌl| — (pejorative) Alternative spelling of numskull.

numdah |ˈnəmdə| — an embroidered rug made from a coarse Indian felt

numerable |ˈnjuːmərəbəl| — that can be counted

numeral |ˈnuːmərəl| — a symbol used to represent a number

numerary  — Relating to numbers or numbering.

numerate |ˈnuːmərət| — determine the number or amount of

numeration |ˌnjuːməˈreɪʃən| — naming numbers

numerator |ˈnuːməreɪtər| — the dividend of a fraction

numeric |nuːˈmerɪk| — measured or expressed in numbers

numerical |nuːˈmerɪkl| — measured or expressed in numbers

numerically |nuːˈmerɪklɪ| — in number; with regard to numbers

numerous |ˈnuːmərəs| — amounting to a large indefinite number

numerously |ˈnuːmərəsliː| — In a numerous manner; manifoldly.

numismatic |ˌnuːmɪzˈmætɪk| — Of or pertaining to currency, especially to coins.

numismatics |ˌnuːmɪzˈmætɪks| — the collection and study of money (and coins in particular)

numismatist |njuːˈmɪzmətɪst| — a collector and student of money (and coins in particular)

nummary |ˈnʌməriː| — (obsolete) Of or pertaining to coins or money.

nummular |ˈnʌmjʊlə| — Of or relating to coins or money.

nummulary |ˈnʌmjuːlərɪ| — Alternative form of nummular.

numnah |ˈnəmnə| — A pad, often of sheepskin, placed under a horse's saddle; a saddle blanket

numskull |ˈnʌmskʌl| — a stupid person; these words are used to express a low opinion of someone's intelligence

nun |nʌn| — a woman religious

nunciature |ˈnʌnʃiːətʃər| — The status or rank of a nuncio.

nuncio |ˈnʌnsɪəʊ| — (Roman Catholic Church) a diplomatic representative of the Pope having ambassadorial status

nuncle |ˈnʌŋk(ə)l| — (archaic or dialectal) uncle

nuncupate |ˈnʌŋkjuːˌpeɪt| — To dedicate.

nuncupation |ˌnʌŋkjuːˈpeɪʃən| — (obsolete) The act of nuncupating.

nuncupative |ˈnʌŋkjəˌpeɪtɪv| — Oral; not written.

nundinal |ˈnʌndɪnəl| — Of or pertaining to a nundine

nunnery |ˈnʌnərɪ| — the convent of a community of nuns

nuptial |ˈnʌpʃl| — of or relating to a wedding

nuptials |ˈnʌpʃəlz| — the social event at which the ceremony of marriage is performed

nurse |nɜːrs| — one skilled in caring for young children or the sick (usually under the supervision of a physician)

nurseling |ˈnɜːsəlɪŋ| — an infant considered in relation to its nurse

nursemaid |ˈnɜːrsmeɪd| — a woman who is the custodian of children

nursepond  — (rare) A pond where fish are fed.

nursery |ˈnɜːrsərɪ| — a child's room for a baby

nurserymaid |ˈnɜːrsəriːˌmeɪd| — nursemaid

nurseryman |ˈnɜːrsərɪmən| — someone who takes care of a garden

nursing |ˈnɜːrsɪŋ| — the work of caring for the sick or injured or infirm

nursing-home |ˈnɜːsɪŋ həʊm| — A place of residence for people who require constant nursing care and have significant deficiencies with activities of daily living, such as the elderly and younger adults with physical disabilities.

nursling |ˈnɜːsəlɪŋ| — an infant considered in relation to its nurse

nurturance |ˈnɜːtʃər(ə)ns| — physical and emotional care and nourishment

nurture |ˈnɜːrtʃər| — the properties acquired as a consequence of the way you were treated as a child

nurturing |ˈnɜːtʃərɪŋ| — Present participle of nurture.

nut |nʌt| — usually large hard-shelled seed

nut-brown |ˈnət ˌbraʊn| — Of a dark brown color, like that of ripe nuts.

nutate |njuːˈteɪt| — rock, sway, or nod; usually involuntarily

nutation |njuːˈteɪʃən| — uncontrolled nodding

nutcase |ˈnʌtkeɪs| — someone deranged and possibly dangerous

nutcracker |ˈnʌtkrækər| — a compound lever used to crack nuts open

nutgall |ˈnʌtɡɔːl| — An enlarged growth on a tree formed in response to damage or parasite. Sometimes called just a gall.

nuthatch |ˈnʌthætʃ| — any of various small short-tailed songbirds with strong feet and a sharp beak that feed on small nuts and insects

nuthouse |ˈnʌthaʊs| — pejorative terms for an insane asylum

nutlet |ˈnətlət| — a small nut

nutmeg |ˈnʌtmeɡ| — East Indian tree widely cultivated in the tropics for its aromatic seed; source of two spices: nutmeg and mace

nutria |ˈnuːtrɪə| — aquatic South American rodent resembling a small beaver; bred for its fur

nutrient |ˈnuːtrɪənt| — any substance that can be metabolized by an animal to give energy and build tissue

nutriment |ˈnjuːtrɪmənt| — a source of materials to nourish the body

nutrition |nʊˈtrɪʃn| — (physiology) the organic process of nourishing or being nourished; the processes by which an organism assimilates food and uses it for growth and maintenance

nutritional |nʊˈtrɪʃənl| — of or relating to or providing nutrition

nutritionist |nʊˈtrɪʃənɪst| — a specialist in the study of nutrition

nutritious |nʊˈtrɪʃəs| — of or providing nourishment

nutritive |ˈnuːtrətɪv| — of or providing nourishment

nuts |nʌts| — informal or slang terms for mentally irregular

nutshell |ˈnʌtʃel| — the shell around the kernel of a nut

nutter |ˈnʌtər| — a person who is regarded as eccentric or mad

nutting |ˈnʌtɪŋ| — Present participle of nut.

nutty |ˈnʌtɪ| — having the flavor of nuts

nuzzle |ˈnʌzl| — move or arrange oneself in a comfortable and cozy position

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