Bitch - definition, pronunciation, transcription

Amer.  |bɪtʃ|  American pronunciation of the word bitch
Brit.  |bɪtʃ|  British pronunciation of the word bitch


- an unpleasant difficulty
this problem is a real bitch
- a person (usually but not necessarily a woman) who is thoroughly disliked (syn: cunt)
she said her son thought Hillary was a bitch
- informal terms for objecting (syn: beef, gripe, kick, squawk)
- female of any member of the dog family


- complain (syn: beef, bellyache, crab, gripe, grouse, holler, squawk)
- say mean things (syn: backbite)

Extra examples

That word is a bitch to spell.

...tiresome members of the tour group who had one bitch after another...

He bitched constantly about his old car, but he doesn't like his new one either.

...those lowly wage earners are always bitching about something...

That pistol is a bitch to reassemble even in the hands of an expert.

This is a great book, although it really is a bitch to read.

They bitched about the service, then about the bill.

Excuse me for the word, but you have bitched the whole business.

He bitched the job completely.

She'd started bitching him from the beginning, with every man in sight.

The silly bitch went and told the police.

Ooh, you're such a bitch!

He never bitches about other members of the team.

Stop bitching!

He's always bitching at me.

Word forms

I/you/we/they: bitch
he/she/it: bitches
present participle: bitching
past tense: bitched
past participle: bitched
singular: bitch
plural: bitches
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