Lot - definition, pronunciation, transcription

Amer.  |lɑːt|  American pronunciation of the word lot
Brit.  |lɒt|  British pronunciation of the word lot


- (often followed by `of') a large number or amount or extent(syn: batch, deal, flock, hatful, heap, mass, mess, mickle, mint, mountain, muckle, passel, peck, pile, plenty, pot, raft, sight, slew, spate, stack, wad)
- a parcel of land having fixed boundaries
- an unofficial association of people or groups(syn: band, circle, set)
- your overall circumstances or condition in life (including everything that happens to you)(syn: circumstances, destiny, fate, fortune, luck, portion)
- anything (straws or pebbles etc.) taken or chosen at random(syn: draw)
- any collection in its entirety (syn: bunch, caboodle)
- (Old Testament) nephew of Abraham; God destroyed Sodom and Gomorrah but chose to spare Lot and his family who were told to flee without looking back at the destruction


- divide into lots, as of land, for example
- administer or bestow, as in small portions (syn: administer, allot, deal, dispense, distribute)


He bought the vacant lot across the street.

They own the house on the corner lot.

We took a tour of the Universal lot.

The organization has done much to improve the lot of underprivileged youth.

Unhappy with her lot in life, she moved to the city to start over.

...everyone is lotted opportunities in life, and it's their responsibility to take them...

It fell to her lot to break the sad news.

He became a lot worse.

He runs a lot every day.

This is a lot nicer.

I have come to accept that it is my lot.

We'll prove the lot of you wrong.

They were an inefficient lot.

I have a lot of different interests.

The rifle receivers lotted up in groups.

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