Mockery - traduction, prononciation, transcription

Amer.  |ˈmɑːkərɪ|  American pronunciation of the word mockery
Brit.  |ˈmɒk(ə)rɪ|  British pronunciation of the word mockery


- montrant ton mépris par dérisionEd (syn: jeer, scoff, scoffing)
- une composition qui imite ou déforme le style de quelqu'un, généralement de manière humoristiqueEd (syn: burlesque, lampoon, parody, pasquinade, send-up, spoof, takeoff, travesty)
- mimétisme humoristique ou satiriqueEd (syn: parody, takeoff)

Matrix of words


- la moqueriemockery, scorn, jibe, scoff, gibe, snapper
- la dérisionderision, mockery, laughter, scoff, gibe, jibe
- la railleriemockery, taunt, ridicule, sarcasm, sneer, jeer
- la parodieparody, travesty, spoof, mockery, burlesque, skit
- le travestissementtravesty, misrepresentation, cross-dressing, distortion, mockery, twisting
- l' imitationimitation, mimicry, emulation, impersonation, sham, mockery
- la méprisemistake, misunderstanding, error, mockery, flout, hurt
- l' hypocrisiehypocrisy, insincerity, mockery
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