Unreal - परिभाषा (अनुवाद), उच्चारण, प्रतिलिपि

Amer.  |ˌʌnˈriːəl|  American pronunciation of the word unreal
Brit.  |ʌnˈrɪəl|  British pronunciation of the word unreal


- वास्तविकता या पदार्थ या वास्तविकता में कमी; Ed
ghosts and other unreal entities
unreal propaganda serving as news
- वास्तव में ऐसा नहीं है; Ed
this conversation is getting more and more unreal
the fantastically unreal world of government bureaucracy
the unreal world of advertising art
- प्रकृति के बजाय कला से वंचितEd (syn: artificial)
- भौतिक रूप या पदार्थ की कमी; Ed (syn: insubstantial, unsubstantial)

Matrix of words


- अवास्तविकunreal, false, imaginary, aeriform, aerial
- अयथार्थdelusive, unreal, unchancy, insubstantial, delusory, mythological
- कल्पनामयunchancy, insubstantial, delusory, delusive, unreal, imaginative
- ग़ैरहक़ीकीinsubstantial, unchancy, unreal
- ख़यालीdelusive, insubstantial, visional, professed, seeming, unreal
- असत्यunreal, untrue, bubble, cramoisy
- असारfrivolous, bubble, sapless, unreal, trashy, insubordinatial
- अवास्तवunreal
- झूठाsimulate, Insubstantial, truthless, Fake, bogus, unreal
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