Acknowledge - traducción, pronunciación, transcripción

Amer.  |əkˈnɑːlɪdʒ|  American pronunciation of the word acknowledge
Brit.  |əkˈnɒlɪdʒ|  British pronunciation of the word acknowledge


- declarar ser veraz o admitir la existencia o realidad o verdad deEd (syn: admit)
She acknowledged that she might have forgotten
- informar la recepción deEd (syn: receipt)
The program committee acknowledged the submission of the authors of the paper
- reconocimiento expreso de la presencia, existencia o conocimiento deEd (syn: notice)
He never acknowledges his colleagues when they run into him in the hallway
She acknowledged his complement with a smile
it is important to acknowledge the work of others in one's own writing
- expresar obligación, agradecimiento o gratitud porEd (syn: recognize)
We must acknowledge the kindness she showed towards us
- aceptar como legalmente vinculante y válidoEd
acknowledge the deed
- aceptar (alguien) para ser lo que se reclama o aceptar su poder y autoridadEd (syn: know, recognize)
The Crown Prince was acknowledged as the true heir to the throne

Matrix of words


- reconocerrecognize, acknowledge, admit, know, spot, spy out
- agradecerthank, acknowledge, appreciate, be grateful for, render thanks
- admitiradmit, accept, allow, acknowledge, recognize, take in
- acusar recibo deacknowledge
- confesarconfess, admit, acknowledge, avow, own up, recognize
- saludargreet, salute, hail, acknowledge
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