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Amer.  |ədˈmɪt|  American pronunciation of the word admit
Brit.  |ədˈmɪt|  British pronunciation of the word admit


- declarar ser veraz o admitir la existencia o realidad o verdad deEd (syn: acknowledge)
He admitted his errors
- Permite entrar; Ed (syn: let in)
We cannot admit non-members into our club building
This pipe admits air
- permitir la participación o el derecho a ser parte de; Ed (syn: include, let in)
admit someone to the profession
She was admitted to the New Jersey Bar
- admitir en un grupo o comunidadEd (syn: accept, take, take on)
We'll have to vote on whether or not to admit a new member
- permitir la posibilidadEd (syn: allow)
This problem admits of no solution
- dar acceso o entrada aEd
The French doors admit onto the yard
- tener un cuarto para; Ed (syn: accommodate, hold)
The theater admits 300 people
- servir como medio de entradaEd
This ticket will admit one adult to the show

Matrix of words


- admitiradmit, accept, allow, acknowledge, recognize, take in
- reconocerrecognize, acknowledge, admit, know, spot, spy out
- confesarconfess, admit, acknowledge, avow, own up, recognize
- aceptaraccept, take, agree, embrace, take up, admit
- dejar entrarlet in, admit, allow in
- dar entradaadmit
- hacer pasarpass off, usher, bring in, get through, put through, admit
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