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Amer.  |les|  American pronunciation of the word less
Brit.  |les|  British pronunciation of the word less


- (generalmente precedido por "no") de menor calidadEd
no less than perfect
- (no estándar en algunos usos, pero a menudo idiomático con frases de medida) menosEd
less than three weeks
no less than 50 people attended
in 25 words or less


- utilizado para formar el comparativo de algunos adjetivos y adverbiosEd
less interesting
less expensive
less quickly
- comparativo de pocoEd
she walks less than she should
he works less these days

Matrix of words


- menosless, minus, but, except, besides


- menosless, least, minus, smaller


- menosless, fewer, minus
- menorless, smaller, minor, lesser, least, younger
- inferiorlower, less, inferior, nether


- sinless
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