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Amer.  |ˈləʊər|  American pronunciation of the word lower
Brit.  |ˈləʊə|  British pronunciation of the word lower
- this word is used as a comparative form of the adjectivelow


- el más bajo de dos literasEd


- mover algo o alguien a una posición más bajaEd (syn: bring down, get down, let down, take down)
- establecer más bajoEd (syn: lour)
lower a rating
lower expectations
- hacer más bajo o más silenciosoEd (syn: lour, turn down)
- hacer que se caiga o se hundaEd (syn: depress)
- se ve enojado o malhumorado, arruga la frente, como para indicar desaprobaciónEd (syn: frown, glower, lour)

Matrix of words


- inferiorlower, less, inferior, nether
- bajolow, lower, bass, small, base, short
- más bajolower, bottom, rock-bottom
- reducidoreduced, limited, narrow, lower, abridged, restricted
- pequeñosmall, little, short, slight, low, lower
- graveserious, severe, grave, acute, bad, low
- humildehumble, poor, low, small, mean, lower
- escasolittle, low, scarce, sparse, small, lower
- menos altolower
- modestomodest, inconspicuous, demure
- deficientedeficient, defective, low
- profundodeep, profound, lower, intensive, heavy, low
- vilvile, despicable, mean, foul, low, lower
- primerofirst, top, early, primary, front, initial
- groserorude, gross, coarse, crass, uncouth, lower
- malobad, wrong, evil, poor, wicked, lower
- suciodirty, unclean, grubby, dingy, nasty, unwashed
- chabacanovulgar
- encapotadoovercast, heavy, lowering, lower, cloaked
- verdegreen, verdant, greeny, undeveloped
- recienterecent, new, fresh


- reducirreduce, lower, cut, decrease, narrow, cut down
- bajarlower, go down, get off, descend, drop, come down
- disminuirdecrease, reduce, diminish, lower, decline, fall
- rebajarlower, reduce, cut, bring down, lessen, discount
- arriarlower, haul down
- debilitarweaken, debilitate, soften, enfeeble, devitalize
- humillarhumiliate, humble, abase, put down, lower, mortify
- aflojarloosen, slacken, loose, relax, ease, let up
- fruncirpucker, gather, purse, knit, shirr, lower
- encacharlower
- mirar ceñudolower
- calarpenetrate, permeate, lower, see through, soak through, drench
- encapotarselower, cloak, frown
- mirar con ceñoglower, lower
- lanzarlaunch, throw, release, pitch, send, lower


- bajolow, down, lower, below
- más bajolower, nethermost
- en voz bajasotto voce, with bated breath, low
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